The Sure Thing (1985)

The Sure Thing Quote: “I was in Paris once with my wife… boy am I glad she’s dead.” – Cowboy Guy

“John Cusack is for the boys!” as Big D and Gene tackle one of Rob Reiner’s lesser-known comedies: “The Sure Thing.”

You can imagine where the conversation goes as The Old Men of Shat cover an ’80s flick that includes guaranteed hookups, dorm life, the perfect bar, missed sexual opportunities, performance anxiety, romance, and basic economics.

Find out why Gene turned his living room into a drive-in theater and why Shat listeners as far as Australia tuned in to watch a 36-year-old movie through his iPhone. Then call in and let us know how much we suck without Ash.

Plot Summary: “The Sure Thing” Gib (John Cusack), a college freshman, keeps striking out with women. When he learns that a beautiful Californian (Nicollette Sheridan) wants to have a tryst with him, he decides to carpool all the way to the West Coast to meet her. Unfortunately, one of the other passengers on the trip is Alison (Daphne Zuniga), an attractive but domineering girl who has rejected Gib once before. The journey is a nightmare until a funny thing happens – Gib and Alison start to fall in love.
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