Who’s Harry Crumb? (1989)

John Candy is the kind of guy you want as your uncle, your travel buddy or your best friend. But does he work as a private investigator cracking a complicated kidnapping? “Who’s Harry Crumb?” rolled the dice to find out.

Falling somewhere between “Fletch” and “Ace Ventura,” this 1989 comedy was largely predictable, mostly uninteresting and painfully miscast, but it had its moments.

Absurd disguises, a loveable sidekick, non sequiturs and uncomfortable outfits kept things irreverent and memorable. And for an ’80s movie, that’s sometimes all you need.

Harry Crumb (John Candy) descends from a long line of sleuths, but the well-intentioned private detective tends to turn the simplest case into a disaster. That’s why Harry’s maniacal boss, Eliot Draisen (Jeffrey Jones), selects him to investigate the kidnapping of a rich heiress; Draisen himself is behind the crime and he’s hoping that Harry will perform as dismally as he usually does. But, with more than a few tricks up his sleeve, Harry may end up cracking the conspiracy despite himself.

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