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Hey Shatters, I absolutely love your content. I’m appreciate of the time and effort you put into these programs to entertain people like me. If you have a few minutes I have some thoughts on the recent Lovecraft Country run. I’ll say it right away, I’m a white male and… I was also a cop for just under 7 years. I’m longer in the profession but still respect what they have to do and the danger of it. Back to that in a second. I guess I mainly wanted to write in to tell you that even though I’m white, I had nothing handed to me. I’ve been dealt a bad hand several times in my life. Some of my struggles were unfair and some were my fault. My point is, bad things happen to all of us. But the way your show is talking lately you basically make it sound like all white people are the devil and they are all privileged and it’s just total nonsense. I think we are headed down a dangerous road and the media plays a huge part in it. Injustice pisses me off just like everyone else and I’m glad when issues our brought to light. What worries me is only side of a story constantly being told. In one video recently a man, who was wanted on a felony warrant, ignored police commands and tried to get in his vehicle to get a knife. He was eventually warned to stop and again didn’t comply, he was shot. Now he’s a victim? Let me add this up for you. He ignored. 4-5 police commands before even going for a knife and things escalated. And again he also had a warrant. Simply cooperating would have avoided the entire issue. Is any of this mentioned by you or anyone else in the media? Nope. You want to make a martyr out of a felon who was trying to kill a police officer. Really? And yes black lives matter. Everyone matters. What I don’t understand is the inconsistency by the media. They are so worried about pandering to the certain crowd and being so PC, they’ve become hypocrites. Over a weekend in Chicago 23 people were shot and 5 killed. All black. Where are the protests? Where are the monologues on your show for these incidents ? Because a white person wasn’t involved and they can’t be blamed for it, it’s not click worthy? I could go on and on about the little things you do on this show to constantly crap on white people, but what’s the point. We are the new number one enemy. I am being punished for stuff that happened in the 1800’s. I know this show was supposed to create conversations, maybe you guys could just tell both sides of it. I can assure you I haven’t lived a white privileged life, I’m not racist. I didn’t vote for Trump What I am? Pissed off at the narrative and worried about where this country is headed. I’m sure you didn’t read all of this. But if you did, thank you. And again, thanks for your hard work on all of your content. I may not listen to this show anymore, but I’ll continue to listen elsewhere. Rob

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