I Love the Lovecraft Country Ending

Lovecraft Country

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Hey Ash and Gene,

Shocker here, I loved the episode, I know a surprise. (Gene has joked I love every episode, and that’s true) Could the show have done better with more seasons, yeah probably like Game of Thrones season 8 should have been 3 seasons. I liked a lot of the parts. The last 25 minutes kept me on the edge of my seat saying holy shit. I liked how it wrapped up, even if we don’t get a second season, I thought season 1 was pretty good. Did it have issues, sure, but i was able to look past them and enjoyed it. Thanks for covering the show, as I know I asked you guys to cover it the first time I l saw the trailer. Please do a 1 off for the Boys.

P.S. Keep your eyes out for Wheel of Time, possibly the greatest fantasy series ever written and I have high hopes for the TV show that comes out next year.

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