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Hey y’all. There was interesting perspective on the ghosts and what they represent I felt compelled to chime in on. The talk amongst myself and my other black friends who watch the show has been one of ancestors. After episode 3 the consensus was that the ghosts represented the ancestors and Leti calling their names and inviting them to help her was symbolic of a deep ancestral healing. In many black communities, including my own on the south side of Chicago we believe in honoring and at times calling on the ancestors. Saying their names and allowing them to strengthen you. Many African traditions including the one displayed through the practitioner/exorcist character are rich in ancestral work. She calls on Oya a Yoruban Orisha (African guardian spirit) who has power over wind and storms as well as the first and last breath of every living thing. The show is so intentional I think this can not be ignored as a random act. Even the style of gospel chosen “Take it back” by Dorinda Clark Cole and “Satan, we’re gonna year your kingdom down” by Shirley Caesar is from an older generation. It harkens unto the spirituality of our Grandmothers and great grandmothers. I absolutely love your podcast and reviews so please don’t take offense but just for fun I think you all would enjoy occasionally visiting some of the review podcasts led by black people and PoC. I listen to reviews from a lot of different groups (y’all are one of my favs) and there seems to be a distinction between how the stories are interpreted by PoC and Non PoC it’s not a bad thing just a stark reminder of the different worlds we live in. Ash mentioned this in the Episode 3 Deep Dive but I had not realized that someone watching would not find the racism as horrifying as I did. I have gone to places that refused to serve me, I have been in Sundown towns, I have definitely visited people who were the only black person in an all white neighborhood. I know the underlying anxiety and sometimes horror that someone yelling racist things might escalate to tying you to the back of their truck and dragging you, that you might get taken into the woods by an “officer of the law” and worse, that you may just disappear. I am loving the conversations you are having and your perspectives and criticism on the actual production of the show help me to watch the show differently. Thanks for your openness to conversations around this show in these wary times it keeps me hopeful. Dominique

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