American Gods Episode 3 Was All About Connection

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This whole episode was about connection..

This was truly a BEAUTIFUL episode! Mr. Jaquel/Anubis taking that lady’s soul and leading her on the Stairway to Heaven, definitely Led Zeppelin guitar moment!! And weighing her heart against a feather to see if she is worthy of a good Afterlife!

Mr. Wednesday’s glass eye has become very noticeable! And trying to get his ancient pimp game on with Zorya-The Morning Star… Too Funny in a sweet way!

Salim and the Jinn was very artful and sexy, regardless of one’s sexual orientation! The whole vignette showed how disconnected and unkind people are and when you find THAT connection,( language, religion) the positive things that can happen. When Salim woke up and the Jinn was gone, I think the experience freed him from his human form and gave Salim a new confidence and life! (I need some Jinn like that!! LOL)

Shadow and Zorya-The Midnight Star connected with a kiss and she gave him the Moon to protect him. Then Shadow got his confidence and his life back from Czernobog because he was a one-strategy wonder, thereby helping Mr. Wednesday get what he originally wanted!

Mad Sweeney was making negative connections because he lost his coin, got rolled in the men’s room, shot at by Jack, hitchhiked, then the man who gave him a ride got a “Final Destination” steel rod to the face!! And when he got to Laura’s grave, she was already gone!!

OK I’ll get off the podium now and thanks for doing great podcasts!!

Jeanna B.
@QueenJean4 on Twitter

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