American Gods Episode 6 Was Over the Top

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I enjoyed Roger’s and Gene’s analysis of the latest American Gods episode.

Except for a few lines of dialogue between Wednesday and Shadow, Ep. 6 was very boring and uninteresting. Maybe because they did too much telling (and preaching) and not enough showing.

Furthermore, I agree with Gene (or is it Roger – hard to know which voice belongs to whom) that this episode’s caricature and vilification of Christians & gun rights middle America was over the top. Mind you, I do not fall into this demographic as I am a Jewish northeast liberal (and immigrant) who has never touched a gun.

However, as Gene (or was it Roger?) alluded, the show’s depiction of the murder of Jesus and the residents of the Vulcan town was over the top, even for someone sympathetic to the political message such as myself.

The show relied on one of the worst incitements in recorded history: vilifying a group of people by accusing them of murdering Christ. (Anyone familiar with Jewish history in Europe?) And the irony was further compounded by then depicting the American Christian citizens of Vulcan as Nazis. Which, actually, is the modern Christ-killing accusation against the Jewish People today: Jew vilification has evolved from accusations of killing JC to accusing their nation – Israel – of acting like Nazis toward their Arab cousins.

I hope the show returns to allegory, symbolism, and nuance.


Ps. All the best to Dick’s daughter.

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