Another Man In Black’s Trash Is Another Board’s Treasure

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Hello guys, and gal,

I’ve been following you all ever since the first Westworld Podcast, but this is the first time I’ve emailed you. Let’s hope you all like it. So to business…

The Longevity Project we see with Daddy Delos-Bot (DDB) could never work since the mind, or consiousness, of a person is not something we know to be transferable like a piece of software. So I would argue that instead of being an actual person, it’s essentially a high value copy of a person. Kind of like the idea of teleporters and Star Trek, is that really you when you come out on the other end after being disintegrated and put back together?

Now we can say it’s the future and they have new technology and special this and that, but that’s too easy to say, especially considering they haven’t cured cancer (I think seen in the series) or stopped strokes (Mrs. Delos) from occurring.

So with that in mind it’s also important to note that William has gone through making DDB 146 times, each time (except for the last time) incinerating DDB and his possessions. So clearly that means Delos’ consciousness is not attached to that lone host William keeps sparking up. Therefore it’s on another platform, and thus each host body of Delos is a copy. And further, a copy of a copy.

So what does this tell us? It’s not possible to live forever in such a way. But it also tells us that the Longevity project was a failure, but in a way succesful if used for other purposes. We see there are two underground facilities, one in which Bernard and Charlotte enter, and the one with Bernard and Elsie. One housed DDB, and the other was clearly collecting park goers DNA and other information. So, perhaps unbeknownst to the Man in Black, the board decided to continue the Longevity Project – but with the intent of copying their guests to influence the world (etc).

The setbacks on the Longevity Project’s end are inconsequential for the Copycat Project’s end. Can’t handle reality? No problem, the copy shouldn’t even know they’re a copy, or that the original is dead. Everything else is fine since the copies would look, act, think, and speak the same way the original did, albeit with some Delos tampering.

And what’s in Abernathy’s head? The copies of all the visitors minds and maybe even Delos’ mind copy itself. That would explain the massive file size, and the urgency to get it out of the park. You wouldn’t want it being destroyed, or worse being found by the authorities if the park was investigated.

Another man’s trash, is another man’s treasure it would seem, what are your thoughts?

Chris S.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Theresa tells us at least three different parties have differing motivations in Westworld: management. It’s hard to imagine money being invested in tech that doesn’t help the Board. It’s likewise hard to imagine anything being created that doesn’t interest Ford. And it all has to be entertaining. The question is: What satisfies all three interests?

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