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Not really into tinfoil but…..

My new sports book prop bet is I’m taking the over on Delores having her conciousness transferred or melded with the human body of William’s dead wife. Ford gives him a chance to free the two women he most mortally wounded. Total mind F for William. Plus Delores needs that “red” chestnut os, not the white robot os to truly be free plus a humsn(ish) body to leave the park. No c-4 spine. Mostly ep 4 was great.

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Bernard/Arnold confirmed.

William as man in black confirmed.

Multiple timeliness confirmed.

Delores as Bernard’s killer confirmed.

There are more theories to ponder, and the satisfaction I feel having stumbled to these conclusions over so many weeks is muted by the complete loss of hope Bernard and Ford’s scene has produced. never before has a show wowed such a complicated Web and left the audience so hopeless. Fords act of love so dispassionately discarded. His acceptance that he is in fact not G_d but uterly human. Flawed and failed his replica of Arnold equally flawed and failed destined to repeat the mistakes of the man whom he was designed to mimic. Ford is not a god not a hero and not a villan.

The show starts again from here….wow. I’m excited for what is to come, but I already lament what we’ve just lost.

I’m episode 3 Bernard’s voice asks Delores “do you remember” she flashes back to the man and black who says “let’s ho back to the begining, when we first met.” Then we cut to William. Man in black early years.

When we see Bernard’s talk to Delores we’hcve established he’s wearing black. But go back and look. They are in a room that looks very similar to the cottage basement. Perhaps he’s been there before, a prior build maybe. No, the voice is Bernard’s and Bernard is Arnold. This explains the room, the picture of Arnold, and why Ford tells him not to make Arnold’s mistake. Arnold was seeking a higher intelligence for the hosts because he was trying to replace his son. When we see Bernard/Arnold in black speaking with Delores in the past he’s in the room we’ve only now discovered a room Bernard 2.0 discovers with the audience.

In episode 4 Bernard/Arnold tells Delores if she funds the center of the maze she will be free. Then we pick up with her first morning will William.

Delores kills Arnold after she finds the center of the maze and feels just free enough to know she’s locked in a prison. She’s stuck in her modest little loops as punishment for killing Arnold.

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    Interesting note: In the opening scene of Season 2, the closed captioning refers to Jeffrey Wright’s character as Arnold.

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