Arnold Doesn’t Exist and Is Actually Just Dr.Ford’s Scapegoat

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Hey guys, love the podcast.

I can’t say any one aspect of this theory is totally unique, but no part is crazy and it combines many (in my opinion) credible theories.

First, I do subscribe to two time periods being watched so let’s start back 30 years ago. Logan and William come to the park as potential investors and the park is clearly aware of this so they are given an extra special narrative. Not only are the hosts realistic, they are programmed to convince guests that they are becoming sentient and need help escaping. What better way to convince a guest that what they are experiencing is real than tempting them with the possibility of helping the robots escape.

The maze symbol and nitroglycerine plot are all part of the narrative.

However, something goes wrong and my guess is that Logan dies and William is horribly burned. Ford then desperately meets with William and blames the whole fiasco on “Arnold” (who doesn’t exist and is just a scapegoat for Ford’s less logical and more emotional decisions) and asks him to save the park as the new heir apparent to the family fortune.

William actually believes he was helping the sentient hosts escape rather than falling for the narrative. William/man in black funds the park and spends the next 30 years trying to get to the bottom of the mystery he thinks Arnold created. Ford has since discontinued the maze/host escaping narrative, but allows Man in Black to keep searching as he saved the park.

Ford’s exposition about Arnold creating his old family as hosts is just something Ford did, but he realizes the dangers of becoming too emotionally attached to the hosts and thus separates the actions between 2 “people” and blames those indiscretions on “Arnold”.

Dolores is probably a model of Ford/Arnold’s daughter and he knows that creating something he can’t bring himself to destroy is a mistake, so he resents creating her.

Final tie-in:
Ford goes back to “Arnold’s” notebook to check the maze after seeing it on the table because he wants to see if it is correct. I think he is suspicious that the MiB is convincing hosts to recreate the maze drawing, but gets concerned when it doesn’t match exactly and thus must’ve been created by the hosts free will from some old patched software that he thought he had removed.

Keep killin it.


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