Battle Of Winterfell Predictions – And Beyond

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Hi guys,

Not sure if I actually want these to be close to what happens…

Battle of winterfell death predictions:
Sam, Davos, Theon, Thormund, Beric, one dragon, possibly Grey Worm too, and Melisandre too if she shows up with some Eastern troops.

I also predict that a Trial by Seven will happen in the final episode – this is an Andal variation on Trial by combat which has occurred before in the Dunk and Egg prequels- this Trial will be a 7v7 brawl to decide Cercei’s fate, and facilitate ClaganeBowl – which Sandor will sadly not survive… Brienne being knighted is setup for this, as only knights can participate – meaning that Sandor and probably Podrick will also need to be knighted

Best regards,
James L

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