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Hey guys! LOVE the podcast.

I have a theory that I haven’t heard discussed yet: I think in the next year or so a whole bunch of stuff is going to come out about huge rift behind the scenes that messed up production. It doesn’t make sense that the story felt so rushed, some actors seemed displeased, or even that D&D would want to stop doing the show now. For goodness sake, for a show with state-of-the-art CGI there was a water bottle in the last episode and of course the infamous coffee cup.

So my theory: In the next year or so we’re going to hear that the showrunners had issues with HBO, the actors had a falling out with someone, George R.R. Martin caused mayhem, etc. Something along those lines. I get the sense from the overall commentary that there had to have been a massive rift behind the scenes that somewhat sabotaged all the previous momentum and quality fans came to expect and we’ll find out about in the next few years.

Thanks for the great podcast! – Alex from Ithaca

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    That might explain why the “Game of Thrones” documentary, “The Last Watch,” featured so little of the writing staff and show runners. Did anyone else think it was weird to spend so much time with the coffee lady and snow props guy?

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