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Hey Guys,

Really like the podcasts and love hearing all of the theories and hypotheses. I was thinking about your theory that Arnold is some sort of augmented AI, and that he never really existed. Whilst for the most part this rings true, my only hesitation is that there is reference to Arnold by the man in black in series 1. When talking to Ford in the bar, towards the end of the conversation the MiB says to Ford that the man he would need to ask died 30 years ago. This not only alludes to the fact that Delos invested in the Park pre-incident, but that William either met or at least knew of Arnold. I mean I don’t have a lot to back this up as I’m basically just going off memory and I’m at work so I can’t fact check, but it seems to be quite a big hole in this ArnieAI hypothesis. I’d be interested in what you guys think about this and whether I’ve already been beaten to the mark on this point… Hope to hear some good tinfoil theories in this week’s telegraph, with there being massive scope for ideas. Thanks guys, keep up the good work


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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    One simple explanation: William heard of Arnold but never met him. He believes Arnold was a real person who died.

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