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Hello Ashley, Gene, and King Bee,I don’t know that I particularly enjoyed this episode, but it did give us some definitive answers and hooks to spin some theories from. The question of whether Christina and William are the same person is a resounding yes, but I do wonder how she transformed behind some bushes and William came out looking so dapper with all the blood, flesh and goo gone. If Christina is to be believed, William was an actual person, not just a conjuring trick. She told Ruby that he survived after being shot, but what if he didn’t. The fact that Ruby transforms into a woman we’re pretty sure died when Letitia cracked her in the head with a shovel, may mean that the magic is blood magic, fueled by the death of the target body. Could anyone who died be brought back this way? When Ruby was stuck in the closet in the Captain’s office, it really looked as if Lancaster had the torso of a Black man. We already know that Epstein did some Frankensteinian experiments, creepy baby head on an adult body being one of them. What if there was a shoot-out between Lancaster and William over the leadership of the Chicago lodge. William dies, to be brought back by Christine. Lancaster has to have extraordinary measures used to keep himself alive, probable by Epstein, who perfected the technique using his black victims. Now that my daughter is also watching the show (don’t worry y’all, my kid is in her 30’s ) we are having some lively conversations about the episodes. Thanks again guys.SusanState CollegeSent from Outlook

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