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Hi People!

So, just like I mentioned in the subject line I’m playing catch up on Lovecraft. I’m going to go watch EP.3 RIGHT after I send you this email. I just listened to you two break down EP. 2 and I am SOOO HAPPY I found your podcast. I’ve had so many “aha” moments and I don’t know why you guys weren’t on my radar before since I’m SOOO into Sci-fi movies and shows. ANYWHO. I just wanted to write in and comment on ‘The Language of Adam’. I spent 10 years as a huge part of the pentecostal church and when Tony Goldwyn started speaking that spell it sounded JUST LIKE how the pentecostals sound when they (we) speak in tongues!! I mean eerily similar. This CAN’T be a coincidence. Or can it? Idk. Anyway! Thanks so much for carefully breaking down and dissecting and reassembling this show. Makes watching it even MORE enjoyable if that’s possible.

Oh! What are you alls thoughts on reading the book while watching the show. I’m finding it a bit difficult to go back and forth but heard you all mention that by EP. 5 (?) the book will have been summed up. Should I read the book AFTER I finish the show?

Johnna Tidwell

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