Diana Killing Christina Is A Metaphor

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Hi Ash and Gene,

First off, I want to say how much I appreciate your podcast on this show. You have taught me so much about history that I was woefully ignorant about and helped me to understand the references in the show that I would not have understood had I not listened to your commentary.

I do have something that I would like to share and see if I might be on the right track or totally off base. The scene where D kills Christina really bothered me at first – a child murdering a person (as horrible as she was) – until I thought about it as a metaphor. You could look at D as a representation of the younger generation – the generation that will be pivotal in bringing about the civil rights movement, and her arm as the movement itself.

Civil rights won’t happen organically. It is going to take the mechanism of our constitution and the ability to change it (her arm) + the anger and determination of the black citizens of our country (D) to realize their own power and have the strength to strangle the oppression of the white people (Christina). When I look at it this way it doesn’t bother me.

The Civil Rights Movement was a start. As we see today there is still the problem of systemic racism in our country that our current moment in time is bringing to the surface for those of us that were really ignorant about the way things are for people with a different colored skin than me. Maybe future seasons of Lovecraft Country will address these steps towards equality in their wonderfully weird way and hopefully you two will be there to help us all understand what is going on.

Thanks again,
Krista from California

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