Could Leti Become The Protagonist?

Lovecraft Country

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Hi, I’ve been enjoying your podcast on Lovecraft country haven’t read the book, but I have been loving series. I’m loving your comments. I’m am Siri’s ahead of you. But just one thought may not be noteworthy to you. But looking at Leticia, and I’m wondering if look at her becoming perhaps more of the primary protagonist of the story putting together some pieces our introduction to hers Ruby sister struck by the similarities and there. Samuel just depends with Samuel bracelets. White’s comments on Tik not looking exactly like he thought she becomes the aggressive hero figure in in their travels. She’s comfortable with these State life ringing the bell result then moving to episode three oldest and she gets money that her that Ruby was a confounded by from her mother dead. To buy the house, and then later in that episode will be mentioned that she’s just like her Father, which I don’t recall any background story on. So I’m just looking at this series sort of turning off something side down and I’m looking at Leticia, perhaps coming out as a much more interesting complex figure and and perhaps more of the primary protagonists in the story. I didn’t know what your thoughts would be, but regardless thank you for the opportunity and I’ll continue to listen it’s enjoyable and entertaining. Thanks a lot. play message YOUR ACCOUNT HELP CENTER HELP FORUM This email was sent to you because you indicated that you’d like to receive email notifications for voicemail. If you don’t want to receive such emails in the future, please update your email notification settings. [Google]Google LLC1600 Amphitheatre PkwyMountain View CA 94043 USA

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