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Hi Shat crew,

First off, I want to thank you for your podcast on Lovecraft Country. I know it was a rough ride…but appreciate all the effort and work you put into it. I randomly found you guys when I was searching for a companion podcast to the show. I also listen to the official one, and that’s great for some “behind the scenes” and writer’s ego stroking, but I was in search of something that delve a little deeper, and that you guys did!

I get why people pointed out that you might not be the target audience, but I felt bad because in my opinion you made it clear that you were aware of that and besides your “instant reaction” on Twitch (which I purposely missed since I did not want my positive views swayed) I think you approached the deep dives indiscriminately as possible. As a book nerd, horror fan, and all around geek…I loved Ash’s breakdown of Classic Literature references (I shouted in my car when she got references like Jekyll & Hyde) and Gene’s history lessons in which everyone benefited from.

As an Asian-American living in LA, I’m pretty open minded but still sheltered from some of the atrocities that were done to the BIPOC population. As you all said in the last podcast, I too believe the most important take away of this show was it opened hard conversations that needed to be had.

That being said, I really enjoyed the show as a whole up until the finale. My boyfriend (who only watched on Sundays along with me) was completely lost, and at points so was I. I wrote in to say “Duh, it was Ruby that put the invincibility spell on Leti!” until I read the Rolling Stone interview with Misha Green in which she said Christina gave it back to Leti to honor her promise to Ruby. I guess I missed that completely. Also, I’m so bummed with the finale’s treatment of Ji-Ah (one of my favorite characters). She was only utilized to show clips of what seemed like very important scenes scattered at the very end. The visuals were done well, but at that point I felt more confused by them.

Sorry for the novel, but thanks again for the entertainment.

-Meg aka itsmissmeg from Twitch! 🙂

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