Bran at the Kingsmoot

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Hey Guys,

Sorry, 500 words are about half of what I needed. There is no way to fix even a single episode with that many words. Thanks for this opportunity to put some of my thoughts on paper. I’m not sure I would have written any of this out if it were not for your show. Here is a rewrite of the second half of the last episode:

We are in the throne room. Jon has just killed Dani and Drogon is rearing back to let loose. Jon does that yelling-at-a-dragon-thing. Instead of blasting him, Drogon melts the throne. They both finish roaring at the same time and Drogon’s eyes meet Jon’s angry eyes staring back at him. Drogon offers a wing for Jon to climb up and he does. Drogon picks up Dani and they fly off together. We see smoldering Kings Landing for an instant before they rise above the clouds and fade into the same blinding sun that opened the attack. The next scene is beyond the Wall next to the Three-Eyed Raven’s Wearwood Tree; we get a panoramic view on the way down to ground level; the Wildlings have already started re-populating. There is smoke rising from several huts hidden in the woods. The sun is coming up and the Wearwood is full of ravens. Jon has piled wood for a pyre and Dani is already on top. He and Drogon are both staring at the pile when Jon unsheathes Longclaw and places it on top of Dani. He steps back and Drogon lights the pyre. They watch for a long while before Drogon flies south alone. Jon walks into the woods, presumably to join the Wildlings. Time has passed and we are taken to the king’s moot at the Dragon Pit. Tyrion is marched there at spear point in shackles and gets shoved to the ground. Greyworm demands to know where Jon has taken Dani? Awkward silence for a few heart beats then Sansa states the obvious. “No one knows where they have gone. What do you want?”
Greyworm repsonds “I want justice.”
Davos ventures a response “We cannot give you justice my friend. We do not know where they have gone.” Greyworm replies in anguish “There was blood in the Throne Room. The Iron Throne has been destroyed. What happened to our queen? She would not abandon us.” Arya says “It appears that she has.”
Now there is a long silence. Edmure gets up and does a similar but different self-nomination and Sansa sits him down. Another silence follows and then finally Bran speaks up. “Yarah Greyjoy, the Iron Islands have never sustained your people. If you move to Lannisport, the Iron Islanders will dominate all the oceans of the world for a thousand years. Your people will be shipbuilders and map makers, they will be captains, and they will be merchants. Your people will flourish and multiply.” Yarah is shocked and then nods her head. The mood lightens and everyone is eager to hear what Bran has to say next. He takes too long, so Sansa speaks up. She gives her speech about the free North. Bran nods his head. Everyone agrees and then silence. Bran begins again, “Edmure Tully, wine grapes will grow well on the rocky hillside beside Riverrun.” Bran continues, “Samwell Tarly, House Tarly will flourish in the years of peace that are to come. Horn Hill will become a place of knowledge and learning. Lords, merchants, and commoners will send their favorite sons to gain knowledge and advance human knowledge.” Then Bran to the No Name Martel Prince, “Sunspear has already erupted in civil war. The sandsnakes are thirsty and a new threat to your people is rising in the east.” Now Bran looks at Tyrian, “Tyrian Lannister, your house is no more. Go with Sam Tarly. Your place is at his side now.” Bran is picking up speed now, he turns to everyone’s favorite glow-up (whatever that means) “Robyn of House Arryn, we will meet again. Until then, I wish you and your people peace and prosperity.” Greyworm interrupts. He is disgusted and completely out of patience. “and us? Where would you have us go? What will become of the Unsullied and the Dothraki?” Bran’s response is “Dragons are attracted to war. They cannot resist the call to battle and their thirst for blood and fire cannot be quenched.” This statement is followed by dead silence. We almost forgot that Bran is weird AF now. Bran picks up again, “Brianne of House Tarth, the knights of the realm have been wiped from the earth like your house and so many others. Who will raise up a new generation of knights?” She nods affirmative. Challenge accepted. No name random lord interjects, “What about Kings Landing? Who will be our king?” then pauses, looking at Sansa, “or queen?” Yarah responds, “No one. We don’t need a king or this shit hole Kings Landing. Let us each govern our people as it was in the days of old. We will build a new city around the port, a just city. A city ruled by the people who live there. New Lannisport will be a city ruled by learned and distinguished leaders that live among the people and know their pain and suffering.” This is followed by a lot of affirmative head-shaking and here here’s. Greyworm turns around and storms out. He is not happy, but what is he going to do? Now we jump time and space to Bran in a sunny and airy room near the sea, presumably New Lannisport. A 12 to 14-year-old boy comes into the room with a drink tray. Bran says “Little Sam, bring me the scroll that came this morning from Sunspear.” Little Sam replies “It must still be in the rookerie. I have not seen any scrolls come in today my lord.” He looks across the room to a table with a large and dusty pile of unopened scrolls. Apparently, Bran only answers the ones he wants to answer. Bran sighs, “I am not a lord Little Sam.”
Little Sam, in a very Podric like manner, replies “yes my er um” and closes the door behind him.

Thanks again for all the good times and this opportunity.

Talani C

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