Tyrion Has Been Working With Cersi The Whole Time

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Hey Guys,

I know you like to read letters in the same subject and hopefully, this will be read but it’s on 3 different subjects

First is thank you for having an online community that we can experience the show throughout the week hearing different perspectives. I was especially blown away when you said some or all of you have full-time jobs. Really well done being an amateur podcaster myself I know how hard it is to create anything. Your production, your content and your flow are so good I know it takes many many hours. Thank you for your sacrifice and passion.

The second subject is Tyrion:

I think he has been working with Cersi the whole time for the following reasons. The only successful military campaign was one that wasn’t planned. Each move for some reason they were always a step behind. If Tryion is working against Daenerys then the writers style is to make us really trust Tryion and like him while dropping hints of his true intentions. First hint: why keep Tyrion’s and Cerci’s agreement secret. Second: Why was Tyrion stalking Jon and Deanerys on the ship? Third: why did Cerci not kill Tyrion when she had the chance after sending Bronn to kill him. Fourth why is Tyrion so hellbent in trying to stall Daenrys when he himself used wildfire to defend King’s Landing. Throughout the entire show all We’ve heard from Lannisters is the importance of keeping the name living on. By cleverly removing the soldiers from Castle Rock Tryion preserved his home saved his army and created a diversion to weaken Daenarys. Finally why is Varys so inclined to tell Tryion of his treasonous plans? Varyous knows what Tryion’s true intentions are

Finally I think The Game of Thrones is suffering from each persons view on what they wanted to see versus what the director wants us to see. I just rewatched “The Bourne Identity” and actually grew to love it . Before I read the book and used to despise how movie had changed a great book. Now I like it for what it is a really great movie that has nothing to do with the book. I feel after the last episode ends and people have to go back to the regular boring TV that has few storylines low production value and rehashed stories they are going to long for the good ol days of season 8.

John F

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