Bran Is Sending Visions

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This was the 3rd Cold opening ; the 1st was the premiere episode when the Night’s Watch rangers went on patrol north of The Wall and 2 were killed and 1 was the deserter that Ned Stark executed.

The big clue in the opening was Walder Frey, himself almost being chipper and happy and blathering on about family??? Crack dreams are real!! LOL #TheNorthRemembers

I think Bran is sending visions to the Brotherhood and the Hound received the one Bran was having when they got to The Wall. The Brotherhood will join with the Wildings at East Watch.

Jon Snow is smart to use the younger generations to restore House allegiances ; Brienne sees herself in Lyanna Mormont and is happy with his willingness to train the female population for battle.

The Samwell doing shit work montage showed the tedium his life has become while waiting to train as a Maester ; but he and Gilly will find the answers they need and leave to help Jon And they will have some new baggage with them in the form of Lord Friendzone'” Ser Jorah!

Arya, after leaving House Frey, comes upon some young Lannister soldiers. I think at first, she was having a human moment listening to Ed Sheeran and company (Nice Cameo) before she saw them. But once she joined them, her training kicked in and she quickly assessed their weapons and the area, plotting escape points. She played the girl part and listened to them talk about the destruction in Kings Landing, gathering information that about the chaos, and planning how she would get into the Red Keep! Wouldn’t it be serendipity if she got back in the way she got out when she was lost in the dungeons in Season 1: thru the sewer??

Finally Dany’s return to Dragonstone: The visual journey was STUNNING! Previously in Stannis-occupied Dragonstone, it looked like Frankenstein’s Castle; it was ominous and foreboding and dour like Stannis. But in HER journey, Dany let the beauty of the layers of stone and the sun do all the talking.

Overall , I was very pleased with the setups, alignments and connections that were made in this Season 7 premiere!! Thanks for the great job you guys do!!

Jeanna B.

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