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Hi guys,

Thanks for your great work as usual. I am really enjoying Taboo. This era of world history, as well as the gothic setting of London and the possible supernatural elements, make for a really good show thus far.

I am interested in your thoughts on the mysterious American agent Carlsbad. We find out in this episode that the agent is a woman. Who could that be and have we already met her?

Permit me to present a bit of tinfoil theory – Carlsbad is Lorna Bow. We know from “Episode Two” that the Americans are blockading England in the Irish Sea, and we also know that Irish grain and supplies are assisting the Americans. Lorna shows up to dispute Horace’s will with a marriage certificate from Ireland.

Additionally, we find out that the Crown has hundreds of spies in their service. The East Indiana Trading Company also has numerous spies. We have to imagine that the Americans have several operatives in London as well – since Dr. Dumbarton mentions that he had James followed thus saving his life after the stabbing.

What better way for the Americans to have an agent on the inside of James Delaney’s plans for the strategic and desirable Nootka Sound than someone who controls half his holdings?

All the best,

Travis M.
Morgantown, WV

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