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Hey guys this is Kristian (pronounced like the religion), from Annapolis, Md. Big fan of the podcast. I watch you guys on Youtube weekly. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into these things, I know it can’t be easy. This is my first time writing in.

I first found your channel when I was gearing up for HBO’s Westworld. I saw the movie a few years, it had a lot of problems but i thought the idea itself had great potential. When I heard HBO was going to make it a show, I knew I had to see it and I loved every minute of it, But, with it being so dense and not having any friends who watched the show it was hard for me to digest alone.

That is until I found you guys in my “recommended” section on Youtube and the rest is history. I watched it with you guys all the way through for your breakdowns and humor. It’s just nice to get other opinions on shows like this and you guys really helped me sink my teeth into it. From there, I’ve watched all your movie reviews. While I’m too young to remember when most of them came out I still grew up on them because I had no movie restrictions growing up and my dad, uncles, and cousins had them all on VHS and later, DVD. When I heard you guys talk about reviewing Taboo, I didn’t know anything about it but decided to watch it and have no regrets, it’s been great, again none of my friends watch it, so your podcast is the closest thing I got.

Now onto my thoughts about Taboo episode 7. Im glad to see things starting to reach a boiling point I was getting a bit tired of the dialogue heavy episodes even though I know they are just as important they can be a drag at times. I know you guys touched on this at some point but I felt mislead as to what the show’s tone would be based on the pilot. The pilot seemed darker and had a much stronger supernatural tone. I get FX has to make it marketable to a larger audience, but at least it would have been unique. Not bashing on the writers or anything, Taboo’s style just isn’t what I thought it was going to be. I was looking for more horror and gothic and less political thriller. If I had to explain the show to somebody I’d say its feels like Rambo:First Blood meets House of Cards. Again still a very cool show, just not what I wanted/expected. I wish it was more out there, but I digress.

When James is being interrogated by Coop, Coop brings in that specialist, oriental doctor. I forget his exact words but says something along the lines of “his eastern portions will get you to talk” then the dr proceeds to pour it down the iron mask. Im assuming the liquid was some kind of crude truth serum but maybe it was something else, it obviously had no effect, this idea may be a reach but since he couldn’t break him physically, could it have been Coop’s way of combating the legend of James Delaney with “magic”; like Asian vs African, something like that?

Next, I agree with Big D on his his darker ideas regarding this episode.While I liked your ideas Jean, my initial reactions were the the same as Big D’s When he talks to Winter about the others singing I immediately thought of the doomed slaves and the others he’s met on the other side. James does not strike me as a man who has spent much time in heaven with the angels. Who knows what this could mean for Winter. Bear with me, I’m going to put on my tinfoil hat here. But during this scene I had a thought. We’re lead to believe James has died in the past and came back or at least has spiritually traveled to the other side. And Winter has said she wants to be like James and wants him to teach her his ways. She has also shown signs of maybe having powers: the ability to disappear and appear seemingly out of nowhere like on the boat, and knowing things that she shouldn’t. She seemed like a fan favorite and her death was abrupt and unfulfilling from a character development perspective.And know her body is going to floating out to sea just like James’ is during the opening credits. I’m wondering if this is the last we’ve seen of her. If there is a next season it be awesome to see James train her in the ways of the dark side. It’d be like like Emperor Palpatine training Darth Vader or Darth Winter. What do you guys think? Am I on to something or way too far-fetched of an idea?

That’s all I got today guys, Id have more to say but im pretty beat and am writing this pretty late. Im very excited to see how this season wraps up and to hear what you guys think. Again thanks guys.

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