Anna Delaney in Bedlam

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Hey guys, Tom from Australia here, enjoying the recaps/discussions/shatings.

my take on James’ mother and the timeline

Horace Delaney purchases Salish. at some point they have a child, marry, and rename Salish to Anna Delaney

1787 – James Delaney is born (working back from information show has given) 1795 – Anna Delaney / Salish (nootka mother) dies – they’re the same person. James was raised believing her name was Anna and that she was from Naples ep 1 conversation with Brace 1798 – at age 11 James is sent to East India cadet school, and Horace has a ‘new bride’ from EIC meeting ep 1 Mr Wilton’s report 1802 – James goes to Africa and drowns a year or two later (?) 1814 – James returns (present)

We dont know when Anna Delaney/Salish was locked in her room or committed to Bedlam. she may have been in Bedlam for years Im assuming that what Brace told James about keeping his mother locked up for her own safety was true – it was to keep her from being committed to Bedlam.

we dont know how old Zilfa is or anything about her mother, only that her and james got upto some naughty stuff sometime before he goes to Africa

oh and i think those gangs of kids are called wharf-rats but i might’ve just snorted too much powdered tobacco and made that up

cheers and keep on shattin’

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