Taboo: Is This Show Really Supernatural?

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Hello, tinfoil top hat gentlemen, greetings from Poland.

First, I want to thank you for hooking me on Westworld. After finding and thoroughly enjoying your 1st Taboo podcast, I discovered that you’re waiting for American Gods as impatiently as I am, so I thought I should probably check out that other thing, too (catching up now)

What I still keep wondering about Taboo is: are there really supernatural elements in the show’s world, or are they just in people’s minds? Do we see apparitions because they are actually there, or should we assume that they’re imagined, caused by insanity, traumatic experiences, or beliefs?

I’m not really sure which I’d prefer, and this inability to determine the convention doesn’t diminish my watching pleasure in the least, but until I’m sure, I’m spending way too much time devising realistic explanations for all seemingly supernatural occurrences.

EA Poe had his own analytically reasoning detective, so I feel it’s only appropriate. To me, visions/flashbacks look like James have experienced some native rituals (American or African), which combined with intense guilt for whatever evil weighs on his conscience, could “haunt” him. Post-EIC-stress-disorder, if you will.

I’m inclined to treat his talk about death and the dead rather figuratively, but he does appear to practice some form of religion. Or perhaps ripping out jugular and strange rites are no voodoo, but a deliberate choice to uphold his savage reputation, for whatever plan he has in store. Anyway, I blame you and your delightful podcast for encouraging my overactive imagination, so thanks, and until next week 🙂

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