Will Zilpha Geary Become a Liability to James Delaney?

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Hey Gents,

I love your podcasts and followed you over to Taboo from Westworld. I only began watching this show because you guys were reviewing it. I have now become obsessed with Taboo, watching each episode multiple times in order to pick up on the subtext, and have you guys to thank for introducing me to this show and to the actor Tom Hardy. Good work, guys.

With that being said, I wanted to ask you guys for your opinion on how Zilpha Geary’s story arc will progress, now that she’s unleashing her inner crazy. I’m worried that she will become a liability to James and mess up his plans. But she might also be an asset, taking Winter’s place as his creepy sidekick (w/bonus supernatural powers?). Usually the guy gets the girl at the end, but with 2 more episodes left, it’s hard to imagine that Zilpha will sit around doing nothing. What role will she play from now on? Will she and Lorna become BFFs? Also, does Brace know about their incestuous relationship or about Robert?

I also hope they don’t kill off any more female characters–there’s so few.

P.S. I like to listen to your podcasts right before I go to sleep at night so I can drift off to the sound of your quibbling voices.

– Vee

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