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Hey from lockdown in New Zealand,

I wrote in during True Detective Season 3 which made your pod at the time so happy days!

For Westworld I was planning on waiting until the end of the season to write in, (as a kind of show/podcast review) but the “Unknown Caller” from the most recent Telegraph did my head in so I needed to respond. The guy sounded like Mark Walhberg’s Elliot Moore in “The Happening” with his criticism of episode director Paul Cameron. (Do the voice) “Hello? I’m an Unknown Caller. Just want to talk in a calm manner, but give off bad vibes about how much I think the director sucks. He’s never directed before so must take sole responsibility for the episode sucking, even though it would all have been approved by the show runners. Being a director is cool.”

Here’s what he actually sounded like to me. Like someone who had maybe graduated from Film School and had their first post-grad pitch laughed out of the room and then explained the rejection as “They just don’t get it.” Love to know what Unknown Caller has directed to make him an expert on all of this & it always amuses me when people criticise “The Direction” by pointing out technical elements such as a couple of strange shots & fight choreography – neither of which fall into the director’s direct responsibility in a TV episode & may have even been shot by a second unit. Check out the crew list for this series – it’s massive and includes DOPs and editors who also make decisions. Paul Cameron also did not write this episode and this wouldn’t be the first time there has been some bad dialogue & acting in the series – almost anything “acted” by Simon Quarterman was terrible and it got through. Just rewatched Season 2 and he’s got some terrible scenes but where was Unknown Caller then?

Unknown Caller has ignored the complexity of Episode 4 and just saying that I imagine Paul Cameron directed all the William sequences – they were pretty good weren’t they? Overall , this was the most interesting S3 episode to date in the context of what has happened so far in this season, the series as a whole and where it’s perhaps heading – even if it isn’t fitting with what people want the show to be. This is a fatal flaw of many Westworld commentators. As I mentioned with True Detective, these series need to be viewed as and 8 to 10 hour movie. This allows a complete picture to be built and for some of those hated things within an episode that seem so huge and important (Eg: a fight scene) to become inconsequential.

And yes, everything that you see on screen is there for a reason. Everything is intentional. Duh…

Enjoy your TV podcasts but can’t do the film ones anymore. Sorry about that.


Stu from New Zealand.

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    Sorry to have lost you from films :(. I am just starting over there. We’d love if you could give us another chance. But, in the meantime, thanks so much for taking the time to write in.

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