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Forgive me, gentlemen, for I have sinned and haven’t written in after the first episode of American Gods.

I’m sorry to say this, but after episode 2 I have decided to stop watching the show. First of all, I’ve read the book and found it boring. There was too much blood in the first episode. I don’t mind violence and gore in my entertainment, but there was just too much of it. I also don’t want to watch people fuck in every episode just because it boosts the ratings. As for the dick pic, it was unnecessary, offensive and disgusting. The only people who think women get any pleasure in getting dick pics are the men who send them.

I also found the way Chernobog and his sisters were portrayed offensive as I’m Ukrainian myself and I’m sick and tired of American television showing people like me in the most stereotypical way imaginable. We don’t drink vodka with every meal, don’t wear braids all the time and don’t all have ridiculous accents.

Nevertheless, I still love your podcast and will probably continue listening to your comments but without watching the show.

All the very best with American Gods. I’ll be back for the GoT.

Tanya from Tokyo

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