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Hey guys,

I’m not sure if I’m a car guy reading too much into the show.

In E6 (~33minutes), Hays and West meet Dan O’Brien in the diner. When Dan leaves, we see him driving away in a 5.0L Mercury Capri, I believe either a 1979 or 1980 model. The Mercury line is basically Ford, but Mercury is the “Entry-level premium brand” – basically exactly the same as a Ford but just marketed as the luxury version. The same as Lexus and Toyota, where Lexus is all toyota parts, but it’s a luxury brand.

In E7, ~17min in, they arrive at the motel, the policeman in the car waiting tells them, 1978 Mercury Capri, then the license.

Now this might just be regular Hollywood production stuff, who would really know a 78 from a 79 or an 80 Capri. But this is such a dumb mistake. If you look at the links I provided, it’s clear that a new model was introduced in 1979 (possibly more recognizable as the Ford Mustang from 1979-1993).

We know that the kids went missing in 1980. I posit it’s possible Dan O’Brien profited from selling/giving up the children, or helping the kidnapper (just like it seems Lucy did). Lucy goes to Vegas and parties with her money. What does Dan do? Goes out and buys a top-of-the-line, luxury model Mercury Capri hot rod.

This panning out would require the policeman to be in on the lie somehow, or it’s an innocent mistake that gets discovered later down the line (doubtful). Or I’m just reading too much into it as a car guy.


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