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Hello Shat crew,

I think we are all disappointed with HBO and what they did with Lovecraft Country. I love sci-fi and the fact that we had source material for true sci-fi from an African-American angle was very promising. However, bad is bad and we should not be afraid to call it out when it turns south. Ash/Gene the fact you got grief due to the fact that you are not of African descent is bull. You should not feel like you have to hold your punches. I just caught up with the instant reaction and I hear Ash say, “this isn’t created for us”. The show is on HBO, not BET, so this show was created for everyone to have an opinon on and to enjoy. African Americans protecting this show would be like protecting OJ and Michael Jackson.

The finally was horrible, the storytelling was awful. The filming was good and the actors did the best they could with bad material. The best episode was the Korean episode, which says something.

Well, I am done ranting Ash, do not hold back and as an African-American, you have a pass to go after this stinking pile of crap.

Love all you do and keep it up.


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