Dracarys to Any Negativity

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Greetings from London,

I actually liked this episode. Nothing went the way that we expected it to and the unpredictable Game of Thrones was back. I can’t believe that we only have one episode left as it feels like there is a lot to cover before the story is done.

I was left with the questions:
Will Daenerys go after Sansa?
Did Varys manage to send out any of those letters and who did he send them to?
Where is Yara?
Will Arya kill Daenerys?

I think that you guys are being a little over critical this season. Whilst we aren’t getting the slower pace that we are used to, I haven’t seen a single theory that guessed correctly what would happen this season. This is still the best TV show ever made and we are still being surprised when there are millions of theories out there.

I say Dracarys to any negativity.

-Mother of Cats ??

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