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True Detectives

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We got a great end to a great season. Sometimes a soft/subdued ending is better than a hardcore “guns are blazing” type ending.

I think that the finale really focused on family:

Hoyt – in his warped way, all he wanted to do was to help his daughter and did so in the only way he can by throwing money at the problem.

Wayne – finally realized he is a lucky guy with a great family. I think his epiphany came when he saw Julie having a good family life.

Roland – in a way gets a substitute family in his reconnection with Wayne.

Julie – get the family life she never had growing up.

Also, HBO please please give us the Wayne and Roland Unsolved Mysteries show…has to have each episode with them having the the Senior Special at Denny’s with appropriate breaks during the day to watch reruns of Matlock and Murder She Wrote.

Finally, thanks guys for all your hard work – it was great to travel on this journey with you!

from Chicago.

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