True Detective S3 Episode 3

True Detectives

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Hey Guys,

Really enjoying your analysis so far. I wanted to provide some context to one of the things you brought up in this episode. I work as a Forensic Biologist and when Wayne picked up the dice in the woods with his handkerchief and w/o gloves or anything like that, that to me was an accurate portrayal for the time period of how detectives would handle evidence that we now know is incorrect. DNA evidence consideration (which in turn improved ALL evidence handling considerations) in the US didn’t really become a thing until the 90s. In fact it wasn’t until 1985 when Sir Alec Jeffreys came up with what’s known as “DNA Fingerprinting”. The knowledge just wasn’t there yet. Hell, it’s still an issue today. Anyway, thanks for the content! Excited for Episode 4.

Dante Webb

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