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I know it’s too late for the small council but I just wanted to throw out my theory to see what you think. Everyone assumes the battle in episode 5 will be between Cersie and Dany/Jon. But I think it’s possible that when people fighting for Cersie hear how she deserted them while Dany/Jon risked their lives for them, the living. they will not want to fight and possibly die for her. They will basically lay down their arms and let Dany and Jon’s forces walk into Kings Landing without a fight and Cersie is executed. The REAL battle will be between those loyal to Jon and those loyal to Dany. Although we know Jon does not want and did not ask to be king, he will realize that Dany is too consumed with sitting on the throne and he fears that she is too much like her father and will try to protect the Kingdom from the possibility of just another tyrant sitting on the throne. And then Jon breaks the wheel and forms some kind of loose federation of independent states with Sansa ruling the North, Yara ruling the Iron Islands,etc, etc.

Do you think this is possible?


Tim Green, Ohio

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