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Hi All,

Like many Westworld fans, I’ve been pondering who are in those pearls that Delores smuggled out. I like the idea of of the pearl in Charlotte’s body being a duplicate of Delores, but some of the other suggestions just don’t seem right to me. Like Ashley, I would hate it if Teddy is a pearl, not only because it’s just so pat and obvious. But also because I feel that if Delores chose Teddy, then she’s going to fail in her objective, because Teddy is a loser. The man in black (William) told us just that in the very first episode. Teddy failed to protect Delores for over thirty years from getting raped. He failed to follow Delores’ order to kill the soldiers at Fort Forlorn Hope, and then ultimately he failed her by killing himself.

The suggestions of Clementine, Hector, or Armistice don’t seem plausible to me because I believe that Delores had to choose hosts whom she actually knew. And there’s no evidence that she ever had any connection to Hector, Armistice, or even Clementine during her time in the park, much as I’d love it if Armistice was one of the pearls. She was such a bad-ass.

I can see her bringing her father, because she loved and trusted him. And he knew that something was not right with his world and that he needed to protect Delores. Angela was a loyal follower in season two, so that seems plausible. And even though she blew herself up, I seem to remember it being divulged in the series that the pearls could withstand explosions, but I don’t have time to rewatch all of the episodes to verify that. Lawrence also seems logical to me. He, in his role as El Lazo, wanted to start a revolution.

So that leaves just one pearl left to account for. For the longest time, I couldn’t think of anyone who Delores knew well in Westworld and who would make a good ally. Then I remembered Rebus. Rebus knew Delores well, leading guests to her home so that she could be raped by them. And it was implied that he often raped her himself. She knew he was a predator. But what really makes me think that he might be one of the pearls Delores chose to take with her was his smile of delight when she killed Dr. Ford. He was thrilled that she was breaking he hosts’ chains and taking revenge. If Delores was aware of that, then he would support her revolution. What do you think?

So glad Westworld is back and so glad you all are still working so hard to bring your thoughtful analyses to us through this trying time.

Nancy from Philly

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  1. Ashley Schlafly says:

    I think Dolores would definitely invite Dr. Ford to join the revolution, and I think he would. The problem, though, is that none of the other balls were red, representing human consciousnesses :(. I am desperate for Anthony Hopkins to return in some way, though.

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