Game of Thrones

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So in a sense, GOT is a sort of an epic medieval retelling of the Book of Revelations in the Bible. Here”s why.

One obvious example is that of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

In a dream to an apostle, a scroll was presented with 7 seals. (There are 7 realms in Westeros) however, none could open them except for a lamb (the true savior who knows all).

When the first four are revealed the 4 horsemen appear to begin the tribulation or judgement period.

The red horse
This horse represents war and bloodshed. Nation against nation and individuals against each other. This to me sounds like Melisandre. She was consistently referred to as the red lady and was quick to kill and start war for the lord of light. She had been kept alive all these years to specifically aid in the Great War.

The black horse
This horse represents famine and is like a sort of plague. However, during this time of hardship for the common people, the wealthy remain wealthy with an abundance of oil and wine. This to me sounds like Cersei. If you recall she always had wine and was like a plague on her people.

The pale horse
This horse represents death.
The obvious choice is the Night King. However, some could argue that it could be Arya. For many reasons, either makes sense without having to dive to deep into it.

The white horse
This is the antichrist. This rider will arrive at the beginning of the tribulation and be presented as a savior, signing peace treaties and uniting the nations. However, by the second half of the tribulation this horsemen will break their treaties and wage open war against believers. If we remember correctly in season one Daenerys was gifted a white horse and since then she was referred to as the breaker of chains. A savior. However, in the final season we learn she was not and willing to liberate those that did not believe in her ideals of a new world.

All of this was revealed to none other than the apostle Jon.

The lamb who knows all the true leader could very well be Bran. He knew all and still opened the scrolls so to speak and what is more vulnerable than a lamp, but perhaps a broken boy.

There are several other similarities. However, it would be a lot for just one email. Either way, I hope you enjoyed my little comparison!

Love the show!

Rachel Hartman
From Florida

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  1. Gene Lyons says:

    “Westworld,” “True Detective,” “American Gods,” and other shows we’ve covered definitely have biblical references. But Game of Thrones, at this point, is pretty much devoid of deeper symbolism outside of its own universe. Prophecies and literary allusion have gone out the window.

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