‘Git Gone’ Humanizes Laura Moon

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I just wanted to write in to say that I enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t perfect and I agree with some of the complaints that were mentioned in the Deep Dive episode, but it worked for me because it accomplished two of the main things that I had hoped would come from this series. First, it made Laura seem human in a way she never seemed in the novel. In the book, she was treated more like a plot device than a person which I found frustrating since I think novels with as few major female characters as American Gods shouldn’t make the ones they have so underwritten. This episode did a lot to correct that flaw in the original work. No, it didn’t make me like Laura any better than I did in the book, but I like that they’re putting more effort into making her seem like a real person with real motivations. For me, that was enough and it gives me hope that the show will give her enough space to grow into someone interesting.

Second, it always bothered me that Gaiman never revealed how Laura was involved in the robbery that sent Shadow to prison. That question was toward the top of my wishlist for things that I wanted the show to flesh out. When they changed Shadow’s character to make him seem much more criminally inclined than he seemed to be in the novel, I assumed they had decided to drop that part of Shadow’s backstory. Instead, they used this episode to help resolve that mystery for me. Nice! It was a big improvement from “Small Town Travel Agent Convinces Law-Abiding Husband To Be The Getaway Driver For Never Introduced Characters For Unspecified Plot Reasons.”

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