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Hey Shatters, Kevin here, listener since Westworld and through Taboo…

I just wanted to say after this episode of American Gods I feel we are watching a future Classic TV Show that will enter the pantheon of x-files, lost and game of thrones as genre entertainment elevated to a fine art.

This show is just enormously entertaining and somehow intense and dark without being depressing. In other words, classic Neil Gaiman. Gaiman attacks his fantasy subjects, of which Sandman is a fine example, with intelligence, wit and understanding. He manages to weave humor in without disrespecting the subject matter.

I haven’t read the American Gods novel but so far, I understand the fervor over this material. Gods on earth fighting for relevance is proving to be a superb structure to hang compelling stories on whilst simultaneously exploring the human condition, emotions, relationships in way that all too often gets glossed over in genre material or succumbs to worn out tropes.

Lastly, that brings me to the production on this show – it’s fucking gorgeous! I appreciate your concerns voiced in the last podcast about CGI overload, but as an artist, musician and film buff I’ve got to say the more fantastical landscapes and god renderings are not just artsy, they are soul-stirring and inspiring.

As much as I got nausea from watching Hannibal I returned every week because it was just so damn visually compelling. I couldn’t believe they were pouring such fetishistic graphic obsession into a cannibal show. Clearly they are maximizing those same skills toward generating AMAZING visuals in support of this material that begs of them to “go for broke” production-wise. It’s not like you could do this with a sitcom eh?

Enjoying the podcast as always, I didn’t pay attention in school so learning about the mythological source material is good brain candy, but I agree with those of you who have said mythological expertise is not required to enjoy this show.

Rock on brothas!

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