I’ve Read the Book a Few Times

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Hi guys,

I’ve not, as yet, listened to your opening American Gods episode, but…

I’ve read the book a few times, as well as all of Neil Gaiman’s other work (Sandman will remain one of may favourite stories of all time), I have to say if this wasn’t an adaption of Gaiman’s work I wouldn’t watch anymore of it.

For me, at least, it was a massive missed opportunity. And the REALLY annoy thing is that I can’t put my finger on why. The acting was great – Ian McShane was believable as Odin – and the rest of the fast were great. Although, as I live in Ireland and my wife is Irish, I found Mad Sweeney to be weird and unconvincing.

I’ll stick with it, because it may get better and I want to listen to each episode of your podcast and know what you’re talking about. That in, and of, itself is something of an indictment of the first episode… Not that Shat On TV isn’t worth listening to simply to hear you guys.

I think my biggest problem is that I was looking forward to this so much and for whatever reason it feels like a huge let down…

Regards, Gary H

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