Bored Until Shadow Showed Up

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I just discovered your podcast while I was searching for opinions on the American Gods show. A small back history; I have read the book (many times) and listened to the full cast audio book. I really love this story and most of Neil Gaiman’s work.

I was very excited to hear what you guys had to say about this episode and very much appreciate that you aren’t just 3 bros sitting around counting boobs.

I was bored with this episode until Shadow came in to play off of Laura’s character. Once their relationship developed a bit, it became clear where this episode was supposed to stand in context. I think it was a good idea to give Laura her own back story. For their entire relationship Laura was a light for Shadow. He wanted to better himself for her, he did time for her. Then suddenly, she’s yanked back to life presumably by the lucky coin Shadow dropped in her grave, and now he is her beacon. Her hope for something other than darkness.

It seems we as show viewers are just as much trying to figure out our place in this world as much as the characters. And I like that. It keeps me hooked. In on of your first episodes one of you talked about those episodes where nothing seems to happen, no action. But things to advance plot do happen and I feel like this was a great set-up episode. Also really loved the humor and emotion in the Audrey/Laura scenes and feel like the actress playing Audrey was a good choice. Still not buying the actress that plays Laura completely, but that could change.

Keep up the insightful (and feminist) commentary. I look forward to listening to you guys more.

Sam L.

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