American Gods Season 2

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Hey Gene and King B,

I wanted to offer a follow up to a voicemail from a few weeks ago. I listen to your podcasts and watch other reactions on YouTube on my TV, so I wasn’t even aware you were doing American Gods season 2 until listening to the GoT podcast on YouTube 🙂 Hence, I’m binging your podcasts on American gods season 2 now.

As far as people wanting you to not be negative, I couldn’t disagree more. If I’m correct, your audience tunes into your podcast to get your honest reactions. No one wants a “Talking Dead” situation where you will say no ill of the show. That is the surest way to lose a core set of fans.

However, I can empathize with the voicemails concerns. A lot of the reaction channels/aftershows from season 1 have decided not to review season 2. So if I liked an episode that you guys shredded in season 1, I could go somewhere else afterwards to compensate, or vice versa. With a lot less options for season 2, some fans who genuinely enjoy the show have far fewer options for post shows: and if they are all negative, that’s a bummer.

I personally enjoy a good helping of holding a show’s feet to the fire for it’s shortfalls. If you guys really hated the show, you wouldn’t do a podcast at all. I’d rather listen to a smattering of knowledgeable complaints than no podcast at all. As they say, there is no such thing as bad press.

We will see how this season wraps up. I’m guessing exactly how season 1 ended with us thinking “ok I guess the war will start next season”. Maybe season 3 with a new showrunner will pick up, but I’m not holding my breath. Hope to see you guys back for next season!

All the best, Ryan from Dallas

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