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Its Daniel from Mexico again,

Just wanted to share with you a small prediction:

Felix and Sylvester will somehow end up helping Maeve again, this time they will help RECONSTRUCT Meave’s daughter, thats a hint also based in the opening of the show, you see Meave and a child being printed.

And just want to pointed out, it seems to me that westworld keeps getting better and better the hole time, and one very special aspect to me that helps bring intrigue to the script is that most of the characters presented, or at least the protagonists, they are have an evil side and a good side, or some in between, neither of them are completely good or bad, that complexity I think is very interesting because makes you wonder who is the real villain or the real hero. Every one seems to have blood on their hands….with perhaps the exception of Meave.

I love that the writers didn’t just trow up the all god guy or all bad man, and gave extra thought on that.

Cheers from México!


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