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Hey Guys,

My wife Jessica just turned me on to your “On the Throne” Podcast. She said to hit you up with my theories. Here you go. The no-brainer is that the books are a part of “A Song of Ice and Fire.” It was obvious right away that “Fire” refers to Daenerys Targaryen, but we only began to speculate that John Snow was the likely representative of “Ice.” Of course, his bastard blood is sure to be Targaryen-royal. This finally got some play when in the TV series John met with Daenerys. It seems like they are moving toward a conclusion of a John/Daenerys-ruled 7 kingdoms fighting the White Walkers.

Before they solidify their victory, however, they have to take down Cersei and Jamie. The resolution I would like to see here is as follows: Cersei, knowing that she’s about to lose the final battle at King’s Landing, becomes the preverbal Mad Queen–bat-shit-crazy, and commands the city be burnt down with wildfire. Jamie, torn between his love for Cersei and saving the city, again chooses to do the right thing, thus adding Queen-slayer to his title. He kills her and then kills himself as he can’t live without her.

In the process, Brianne of Tarth becomes Queens Guard to Daenerys, and she finishes off writing about Jamie’s exploits including how he killed the Mad King to save the realm, and then added regicide by killing his sister, the Mad Queen, again saving the realm. That would be sweet don’t you think?

Love the podcast,

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