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Hello Roger and gene!

My rewrite has to do with making the Targaraeyn line strong again.

Scrap the shit storm that happens after Danny dies.

We pick up the Season 8 Episode 6 where Jon tells Arya to wait for him outside the cities gate. “Arya wait for me outside the cities gate because I am going to free Tyrion so he can flee with you to Winterfell”.

We next cut to Winterfell where Sansa is indeed crowned queen of the North in defiance of Danaerys. The next scene cuts directly to Bran who is nervously grabbing his arm where the Knight King left his mark. The mark is poisoning Brans body and brain and haunting him with images of the Knight King. Only the images, are of himself becoming the new Knight King. End scene.

The next scene goes back to Jon with anguish in his face. He is in the now destroyed Throne room knowing he must kill Danny. As Jon and Danny embrace, his hand is ready to unsheathe his dagger. Danny with love and jubilation in her eyes begins to tell him, “Be with me and we will rebuild the new world together with our child.” Jon suddenly stays his hand and is overcome with surprise and amazement. He starts to question the news but Danny immediately embraces him with a passionate kiss. Jon relents to her warmth and so begins his decent towards his Targaraeyn side.

We cut back to Winterfell where Tyrion is trying his best to convince Sansa he should be her new Hand of the Queen. In the next scene we leave Sansa who comes upon a dragon egg while taking a stroll by the Weirwood Tree. We leave Winterfell with Arya finding the the red chocker necklace left behind by Melisandre before she died. The scene ends with a vexed Arya putting on the chocker and it immediately starts to glow red. Arya’s eyes seem to be in a trans as the scene ends.

In the final scene, a naked Jon and Danny are in the room with the dragon skulls, where Jaime and Cersi died. Danny leads Jon into the center of a big fire pit. The scene ends with Jon eerily looking at a dragon egg he is clutching in his hands while surrounded by flames.

End Game of Thrones

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