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Hey Team,

I’m new to your podcast (and network) since episode 4 of watchmen. I was bouncing around a lot of watchmen recaps and only started shopping because of some insensitive things I think were unfortunately not edited out making me feel that I wanted to take listenership elsewhere.

I think what you do on this show is extremely detailed while still keeping an eye out for succinct points. I’m sorry about this recent email you received that points to a larger trend in a culture that expects everything for nothing. Your efforts are appreciated at any speed and I think it in no way dilutes the quality. If anything this person probably quotes you without citation hence the tantrum.

Anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of watchmen in HBO. Was lukewarm on the movie and the graphic novel. One question. This theme of the eye. What do you think about it? Obviously we saw that same cyclops eye painted on the walls in the 7K warehouse in episode 5 but there was one detail that’s bothered me. When Viedt recorded his video…he was standing in front of the giant squid eye the whole time. Maybe I’m reaching but could something be there?

Keep up the great work (at any pace you want)


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