Hand of the Queen? Sitter of the Iron Throne?

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Hey guys,
LOVE the podcast!!! This is my first time emailing in and I hope I have something decent to add to the mix.

I had a thought when I went back and watched the boat scene with J+D (#teamincest). We can all agree the Tyrion looked less than thrilled about what was going on, jealous and heatbreak are the obvious. He struck a deal with Cersei, totally plausible. But maybe just MAYBE he is actually Angry because he was working on his own road to the iron throne. When Tyrion pushes Dany in the War room at Dragonstone about naming a successor i couldn’t shake the feeling that he was trying to say “what about me?”. He noted that anyone who knows you falls in love with you but he never explicitly said “you need to marry someone for succession”. he conveniently left that part out, we also know that to this point she believes she can’t bare children and he says that “there are other ways of naming someone, listing the nightswatch and so on”. Ned Stark was accused of trying to usurp the throne and he was hand of the king. Don’t you think its possible that Tyrion felt he was in position numero uno as an almost vice president? Her Dragons know him, her army knows him, he positioned himself that people looking from the outside wouldn’t be able to disagree. So when he saw Jon cozy right in to that number one spot he feels threatened? He’s not mad at Jon isn’t a good guy. we have seen since season 1 that they have a mutual respect for each other and Tyrion knows that Jon is honorable. No, i think he’s mad that deep down he believed he could sit on that throne himself.

Maybe, maybe not. Cant wait for next season to see how it all shakes out.

Love the show, can’t wait to hear what you all think.

Nathalie from San Diego

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