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Hi guys!

I’m writing in again with my thoughts and I can say I was blown away when you read out my email, I nearly fell off the sofa! Anyway, I needed to write in after that stunning ending to episode 7 but can I just do a shout out to Imogen whose email you read out in episode 5 contrapasso telegraph; she totally nailed a huge clue. She noted that Ford uses verbal cues on the hosts to command them and the code is a statement that finishes with a question. I’ve seen that used several times but the real kicker that she didn’t mention is in episode 3 The Stray, when Ford is in the office with Bernard, as he leaves, Ford uses this exact verbal code on Bernard. Boom.

The last scene in episode 7 was absolute tv gold and script gold. Despite being 90% sure Bernard was a host and also spending most of the episodes being faintly annoyed with Theresa and hoping she would get it at some point, I was completely devastated at her death and speechless in the host reveal. Oh. My. God. So superbly acted by all three of them and now I’m combing the back episodes of any activity of Bernard taking off or putting on his jacket!

One other thing I want to point out, very much connected to the title of the episode, I was too engrossed to notice on first viewing that when Bernard enters the cottage with Theresa behind him the door isn’t there! Kudos to the crew that got the door in place when the camera panned back and it was there. It now throws everything we have seen with Bernard into question (not the private chats with Delores, that is a separate issue).

Anything with Bernard in, we have been seeing through ‘host eyes’ and therefore what have we missed? Utterly loving this show and your podcast is the best one out there!


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