The Hound, Arya and Fire

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This theory may sound crazy, but here it goes.

We now know the Hound sees visions in fire and I’m sure this isn’t a new “talent” for him.

I believe that the Hound saw a vision of his brother being killed by a small girl, and probably shared this with his brother. This caused the Mountain to react as a ginormous child would and push his brother into the fire where the vision was.

In the walk to the Dragon Pit, there was the casual chat of Brienne and the Hound. She mentioned Arya was alive and that Brienne was trying to keep her alive. The Hound causally mentions that he was trying to “do the same”. Why on earth would he keep Arya alive other than to end the life of his dbag brother?

So, the Mountain knows that a small girl is coming to kill him and the Hound reminds him since he knows Arya is alive and vicious.

I would love to see Arya to mark him off the list 🙂

Thanks and LOVE the podcat!

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