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This one isn’t really for the Telegraph, just me sharing my thoughts. I think they could have made this season great if they had framed it as MIB versus Hale. You could have the first episode almost exactly the same with MIB acting as Hale’s enforcer. Episode two would be the time jump with Hale winning everything and MIB as her number two. Move the MIB meeting the outlier to this episode and end it with MIB thinking maybe Hale is wrong. The rest of the season could be a cat and mouse game between the two of them as they try to sway other hosts to their side, all the while trying not to let the other know they are doing it. This way Clemintine, Maeve, and other hosts can have a purpose as they decide which side to be on. Even Caleb can have a purpose as he could swing the rebels to one side with his connection to his daughter. You could even play with what the MIB’s real purpose is. Does he want to save humanity or destroy it? I think that would have made an interesting season.

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PS if you want to read a good Sci Fi book about uploading consciousness and the implications I would suggest Fall, or Dodge in Hell by Neil Stephenson. An excellent read.

PPS I am not a podcaster but you can consider my voicemails as an audition if you ever need a fill in host ??

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