Infinite possibilities in Bran’s mind

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Hey guys,

Great podcast. I appreciate all the hard work and analysis you guys have done over the years. So, here’s my shot at an alternate ending but really just an outline of sorts to be built out by more talented and creative people:

We see the aftermath of Dany’s destruction of King’s Landing and it proceeds on through the ending we have been given…but, when the darkness falls as our characters head their separate ways we are suddenly drawn into Bran’s mind and it swirls outward until we pass through his warging eyes and out onto a new scene where Dany sits atop the walls and is about to begin her destruction but instead she goes only for the Red Keep, killing Jamie, Cersei and those inside. Then events proceed and slowly all the characters end up in the same ending as before and then, just as before, we warg out of Bran’s eye and watch again as events unfold with a different decision by John or Tyrian or anyone else with the same outcome and then back, ultimately we see the original ending and Bran taking the throne.

For me this satisfies one of my key dissatisfiers with the ending specifically when it comes to Bran. We are led to believe that he can alter the past (Hodor) and he can experience every feeling everyone in the world has ever felt but we’re never really given insight into what that power can mean to his ultimate ruling of the kingdom. In this ending – the viewers are satisfied that many paths were considered and played out but only one is chosen as the least of all evils and because regardless of the decisions the main characters make the final outcome is the same and the one path chosen by Bran features the best possible future for the kingdom. Of course, it would be nice of the previous episode built out Bran’s abilities or the three-eyed raven’s more but we could fully experience them through him the first person wrestling with the decision of which path to take and finally deciding on this one as the best for the kingdom. We’ve been inside Bran’s mind before in his dreams and visions so I don’t think this one is too far of a stretch for an audience that is searching for the “perfect” ending.

I actually think of this fan fiction in my head when I look at the last season and really since Bran became the three eyed raven and it fits for me. True, it could lead to dark consequences for the kingdom with Bran acting like a “precog” al la PKD’s Minority Report (we know how that ended!) but it does give Bran’s powers more meaning and consequence across the years since he just “went weird”. It may not and is probably not what D&D had in mind but I don’t care. I loved the show and your podcasts. You and the show have become an integral part of my weekly routine from running, cycling, going to work or just doing chores. It will all be missed as I look forward to Westworld and the next big sensational show. You say there may not be another…there will be and I just hope we’re all around to experience it!

Cheers, Paul in San Diego

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